3-contact MWNT

Nanotube Research

I did my graduate work at Purdue University in the Nanoscale Physics group of Ron Reifenberger. I started working in the lab in May 1997 on Field Emission and Field-Ion Microscopy of small gold clusters and carbon nanotubes. For energy-resolved field emission, we used a technique for mounting an individual nanotube onto a Pt field emission tip (shown here). The field emission total energy distributions (TEDs) from these samples were unstable in time. To determine if the nanotube/Pt contact was the source of the instability, we developed a new technique for making reliable electrical contacts to carbon nanotubes (click here for an image). With our samples I performed temperature and voltage dependent measurements of the electrical conductance of carbon nanotubes. To learn more about this, take a look at my dissertation, or check out the Nanophys group's Experiments homepage.